Amendi Jeans Suede Western Jacket Leather

Amendi - Time for Amendment

May I ask - What defines Sustainability? Eco friendly sourced fabrics? Socially fair paid employees? The 110th recycled collection? Or a product that actually simply lasts long and is produced locally? No matter what kind of pillar you select, it is all energy consuming. Basic alchemy - creating requires taking. 

What about a combination of everything? There are many opinions and points of views. AMENDI's mission was from the beginning clear - re:invent the most polluting product group, flip it environmentally friendly and empower it with beautiful additions. 

AMENDI was founded in New York  to make contemporary denims with full transparency and traceability of the supply chain. AMENDI is a moniker for amendments which means progression, correction, improvement which is the constant drive for the brand.

Every item comes with a clever “fabrication facts” tag, we know from food. where everything is broken down into the last ingredients, drawing an important connection between the ways we consume food and fashion. It scours the label on a bag of pita chips to look for sodium content or calories, but we have no idea what’s baked into our clothes. On every single product of Amendi though, the tag outlines the materials used for the fabric, labels, and tags; the item’s certifications (GOTS, OEKO Tex Standard 100, BSCI Standard); and, intriguingly, the cost breakdown. 

Many customers might not understand how those numbers relate to each other, or why sustainable materials might cost more than conventional ones (ditto fair-trade labor). The label thinks questions lead to progress, and maybe that even leads to regulations. With this ideal of production and work ethics, AMENDI is leading the path and truly demonstrates pioneers behaviour. Nothing to hide. It may not affect the buying decision directly, but with the growing numbers of woke consumers it surely is increasing the importance of transparency. Apart from the homework in terms of creation - we all work ín this industry for a particular reason - aesthetics and passion for design.

The collections from AMENDI are non seasonal and a yearly offer with small injections sugaring the core product range. Deadstock fabrics from luxury brands, such as cashmere from Prada, silk from the LVHM group and more result in beautifully curated contemporary assortments for Men & Women. The contemporary DNA is very clear and drives the aesthetic modern look to new heights. 

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