God save the Qeen. Barbour save the Qool.

God save the Qeen. Barbour save the Qool.

God bless the Queen, God bless the Crown.

But it's not just the Netflix series that has strengthened Barbour as a brand in recent seasons. Few brands have such a heritage. Apart from lawyers Justus, paragraphs Paul and Timberland Tobias, the brand stands for genuine quality. Jackets that easily last for decades, that always stay young thanks to Botox-like regrowth and embody a look that is currently unthinkable without.

Curtain up - Barbour at The Qool Concept Store.

Collaborations with Miason Kitsune or NOAH consolidate the status quo. Penny loafers, vintage straight denim and a (not too slim-fitting) Barbour. Preferably Iconic, preferably waxed, preferably in that classic sage or as we would say, Range Rover green.

The break in style is what makes it. You are also welcome to drop your current jacket off to us for waxing. Beaufort, Reelin or simply Wax Jacket are the all-time classics. Golden zips, the checked tartan lining and the corduroy collar are the hallmarks of these heavyweights.

The Barbour jacket is as much a part of British English style as the Burberry trench coat. Jason Statham, David Beckham, the Royals & Co already belong to Barbour's celebrity guard.

Come and visit us at The Qool Concept Store in Düsseldorf and show us your way to combine Barbour royally.

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