Winter is Coming. Welter Shelter is already here

Winter is Coming. Welter Shelter is already here

Winter is coming, Welter Shelter has arrived.

New addition to The Qool Concept Store in Düsseldorf. Outerwear brand Welter Shelter joins the Selection of Qool Goods.

Born out of the failure of a 500€ jacket that couldn't withstand a November storm. The birth of Welter Shelter.

Water columns of 10,000mm, meaning it can hold up to 10 litres of water at any given time. Coupled with breathability of around 5000-8000 grams per 24 hours. On top of that, the insulation keeps you warm and comfortable down to -10°C. All in collaboration with Meida® The secret is the layer structure. A layer of thousands of polyethylene microfibres compressed into one square millimetre is equivalent to the warmth of a wool jumper. Welter Shelter uses 150 g of Meida® insulation, which is equivalent to 5 woolen jumpers; at a thickness of only 0.8 centimetres.
-Lighter and thinner than down.
-More environmentally friendly.
-Does not absorb water (water = cooling).
-50grm/m2 insulates better than 2 wool sweaters
-50grm/m2 for temperatures down to 15°c.

Enough science. The product also boasts unparalleled aesthetics. The Joba or Long Dong coat, the Short Tracker or the Bulky Buck Kimono. Form, colours & functionality define Welter Shelter like only a few outerwear brands. Stone Island & Co. for example, available from today at The Qool Concept Store.

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